Mountains and plains. Water and dryness. That's Europe!

     The general title for the three-year project is "MOUNTAINS AND PLAINS. WATER AND DRYNESS. THAT'S EUROPE! European landscapes and people. Environment, History, Culture". The basic, starting point of our project is the relation between environment and human being. We know that although Europe is small, it has a huge variety of landscapes and people. We also know that its geological history is separated in four periods. Has this fact to do with the differences between the European landscapes? We believe that IT HAS. The morphology and the location of a place affect decisively its climate. Climate and morphology define the way of life and the culture of the people that live in a place. The position, the shape and the morphology of a place are very important for the historical events that took place in it. E.g. the existence of huge quantities of coal in Central Europe was the main factor for the explosion of the industrial revolution. The hard mountainous terrain of the Southern Europe helped the revolutionary and resistance movements. Many historical events are connected with every place and we must search for them. The project is going to last three years. During the 1st year each school has to study the geological and the natural history, the climate, flora, fauna, the problems that human being caused to the environment. It chooses whatever it considers that is good to study e.g. all its country, a region, a mountain, a valley, a plane etc. The 2nd year we will study the way of life and the culture of our people.. The 3rd year we will study what happened during the past and try to connect it with the environment.